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    Due to high demand, this product will be dispatched in up to 3 weeks.

    The G1 6X8ft greenhouses is a perfect size for growing fresh produce in your garden, yard or allotment. Built with a strong & robust aluminium frame, much thicker and sturdier than the industry norm.

    Have you been looking for an exceptional long-lasting modern greenhouse? The G1 6X8ft is for you!

    Our Standard features include:

    A Low-Threshold Door

    Lockable and Easily Sliding Door

    3mm SAN Panel glazing

    4 bladed Louvres

    Easily Removable Glazing Strips

    Wide Integrated Gutters

    Automatic Window Opener

    Easy DIY Construction

    3 Colour Options Available

    Feature Packed

    Comprehensive Customer Support

    5-7 Day Delivery


    Rainwater Guttering Kit

    Sold out

    Auto-Opening Window

    Sold out

    Additional 4 Blade Louvre

    Sold out

    G1 Automatic Louvre Kit

    Sold out


    We've made the building process as simple as possible and are proud to say that the G1 greenhouses can be fully unpacked and constructed within a single day, if you've ever put together flat packed furniture, you are overqualified. We have highly detailed full colour step by step pictoral instructions plus our customer service team is on hand to help - having all built at least G1 themselves!

    All you'll need for installation is:


    T20 torx bit

    Tape measure

    Spirit level

    10mm socket bit

    Scissors/garden snips

    Step ladder

    10mm spanner

    Before building your greenhouse, it's important that a level base has been prepared. If you need any guidance, have a read of our base guide here.


    Model Number EV/G1/6X8/PG


    Aluminium, Styrene-acrylonitrile

    Number of Boxes



    190 kg approx.


    10 Years Limited


    DIY Flat Pack


    As a special thank you for joining us at the beginning of our journey, we wanted to return the favour.

    As a founder, you'll receive 6 months free subscription to Kitchen Garden magazine.


    Our frame is constructed using some of the thickest materials on the market. This provides you with absolute assurance that your greenhouse will stand up to the worst of the British weather.


    The inclusion of an integral base as standard allows the greenhouse to be placed on whichever base you'd prefer. Options are available to anchor on soil & hard surfaces.


    Our unique Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) glazing offers top notch clarity and strength with the peace of mind that your children and pets will be safe from broken glass. Once in-place, you'd be hard pressed to notice it's not glass!


    In the unlikely event that we're blessed with a sunny day, we've included all the ventilation you'll need to ensure your vegetables aren't cooked before its time. If this is of an extra concern, an automatic opener can be added to the louvre.


    A fitted window that automatically opens when the inside air reaches a specific temperature. Activated between 13- 18 °C, there is no need to worry about manually ventilating the greenhouse on a sunny day.


    Our distinctive snap-fit system increases overall structural strength and looks stylish whilst doing it. If you've ever built a traditional greenhouse using glazing springs, we know you'll appreciate the lack of sore thumbs.

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