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2020 Growing Calendar

Download our growing calendar for a wide range of crops to grow throughout the year. Crops specific for greenhouse or outside, we have it all covered to make your growing season successful


Beetroot is quickly becoming one of the most popular 'superfoods'. Its nutrient rich earthy flavour gives life to any salad. Beetroot is easy to grow and can provide a staple harvest.


Broccoli is a fast-growing and easy-to-grow crop, producing bluish-green heads that are harvested in the summer or autumn, depending on the time it is sown.


Carrots are a staple crop of every veg patch. Easy to grow, they are great for raised beds and containers too. Carrots are packed full of vitamins and have almost been proven to help you see in the dark.


Leeks are great to grow and can be harvested all throughout the winter. A great source of fibre, iron and magnesium, leeks are packed full of healthy vitamins and can help digestion.


Onions are a great crop to grow on the vegetable patch. Onions can be grown from sets for an easy crop, with a wide range of seeds available.


The juicy rich flavour of a homegrown parsnip will grace any roast dinner. Parsnips do best in a loose well drained soil but can be grown on any veg patch.

Runner Beans

Runner Beans are a brilliant crop for the veg patch. You can get great yields from just a few plants and the freshness of home-grown beans can't be beaten.


Shallots can be grown from seed or sets, with sets growing much quicker and producing a far better crop. Shallots are easy to grow and can be companion planted with quicker cropping plants.


Sweetcorn is a delicious addition to your veg plot. Its tall stems host tassels which release pollen onto the female silks below. Being wind pollinated, sweetcorn is best planted in blocks.


Many gardeners love to grow turnip roots in their garden. Like any root vegetable, turnips do well along with carrots and radishes. They are easy to care for and can be planted either in the spring, so you have turnips all summer.


Basil is easy to grow and makes a great addition to an herb planter, which can sit in your garden in the summer and your greenhouse in the winter.


Easy to grow and versatile in the kitchen, chives prove themselves a valuable addition to the herb garden. This perennial herb is usually grown for their mild-tasting leaves but also has an edible purple flower.


Coriander is used in a wide variety of classic dishes. The ‘seeds’ are technically a fruit that contain two separate seeds in. Grown for its leaves or seeds, coriander is easy to care for and can be cropped all year round.


Fancy growing your own herbs? Well, this is the perfect Thyme. Easy to grow from seed, this perennial herb doesn’t like wet winters, to be sure to grow it in a drier part of the garden or a container is perfect.


Growing your own chilli’s is great fun, and the huge variety of seeds available means there are chillies for everyone, from mild to extra hot! Chillies are best grown in the greenhouse but can be planted outside in sheltered positions.


Squash come in many varieties and are great to grow for some late season produce from your veg patch. Squash a really easy to store for that home-grown taste throughout the winter.


Tomatoes are easy to grow and a favourite on the veg plot. A few plants will provide you with a plentiful harvest . You'll never get fresher, sweeter tomatoes then ones homegrown.